Publicize Yourself on LinkedIn

Business students, especially accounting majors, should make a LinkedIn profile AND be active on it. Even if you don’t have anything to update your profile with, post articles or statuses for your network to see. But, DO NOT post unprofessional or irrelevant articles/videos. LINKEDIN IS NOT FACEBOOK. I repeat: LINKEDIN IS NOT FACEBOOK. Nor is it a website for users to post their snapchat/instagram pictures. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine are all PERSONAL websites.


I once saw a LinkedIn profile picture that was 3D-ish. It would definitely hurt your eyes after just a couple seconds. It was basically like the picture to the right. Save those pictures for other websites. LinkedIn isn’t the place to post things that may be cool to your friends.

RECRUITERS MOST CERTAINLY LOOK UP YOUR PROFILES. IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT THEN, WELL NOW YOU KNOW. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS. They will automatically do an online check on you so why not have them see your most professional profile for free? The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can put things on there that you can’t fit in your resume! Take advantage of it. Tip: Make a “signature” in your email and include your LinkedIn public profile link in it. That way, if you happen to email business professionals or recruiters on any matter, they will see your link and may want to click on it. BAM. Now they get to see your “online resume” AND you didn’t even have to deal with figuring out a way to slyly give/send your resume to them.

Some topics you can post as your statuses:

  • High school/college articles (positive changes, successes, rankings, etc.)
  • Leadership articles
  • Accounting/business related articles (or whatever your major may be)
  • Articles about companies you’ve worked with in the past
  • Articles about companies you follow

Remember: Professional and relevant posts. 

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