Full-Time Internship or Last Semester of College?

Full-Time Internship or Last Semester of College?

55 hours per week…minimum.

I just found out that PwC only has FULL-TIME winter internship (January-May). They ask for 55 hours per week…minimum. How can I go to school haha? It would have been great to intern at a Big 4 during that period and then go on to my mid-sized firm in the summer so I could compare the two companies. I also just found out that KPMG runs the same way. I guess now I need to figure out if I should go and try to interview with these Big 4 companies to try to get a summer internship and see what happens from there.

I’d totally choose to finish my last semester of college though. I didn’t sign up for student loans for nothing and my parents didn’t pay my university tens of thousands of dollars for no degree in the end. It’s kind of aggravating that I won’t have the opportunity to compare a Big 4 and a mid-sized, but I’m not complaining. Others out there are still looking for that internship while I already have one locked down.

If you’re still looking for an internship and you’re a junior (or sometime sophomores, depending on your location/school), you MUST look into the summer leadership programs. If you’re a freshmen, don’t worry about all of this. FOCUS ON YOUR GPA. I’m not even kidding. I’m still working so hard to try to bring up my GPA. I’ll definitely have a post on some tips for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors (only applicable to accounting majors though. sorry!).

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